Tips for rescuers from the Companion Animal Welfare Conference

booth at Companion Animal Welfare Conference / Photo: Lena Yacoumopoulou

In Lena Yacoumopoulou’s first article for Animal Issues Reporter (AIR), she fills us in on proceedings at the AIR is pleased to welcome Yacoumopoulou, who is both an accomplished journalist and a dedicated animal rescuer, to our pages.

By Lena Yacoumopoulou

CEO’s, employees, trustees, vets, researchers, epidemiologists, nurses, designers, salesmen, and mostly volunteers—anyone and everyone to do with animal welfare— packed the beautiful Mare Nostrum Hotel to network, fundraise, exchange ideas and more during three intense days at the 14th annual held last month in Vravona, Greece.

ICAWC is sponsored by every year. Why was Greece chosen for the venue this year?  Read the rest of this entry »

Cheaters: Is there something you need to tell me?

Waiting / Photo: Bob Hennis

Milestone! This is the 50th article on our fledgling little Animal Issues! It’s fitting that should be its author, because she’s been wonderfully supportive of this website from the beginning. Many thanks to her and to all of AIR’s other reporters for their fine work and can-do spirit. And of course giant thanks to all our readers! Please keep tuning in and/or click the ‘Follow’ button to receive email notifications of new articles so you won’t miss any of our writers’ upcoming great work.

By Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck

In the beginning, two years ago, we were so happy together. I always had his full attention, and he wanted my opinion on everything. We talked a lot back then. After a long day at work, I couldn’t wait to see him, and he was always overjoyed that I was home again. He loved everything I served him, just because it was served by me.

But as time went by, our relationship changed. Read the rest of this entry »

On election day remember the rescuers: Animal advocacy in the voting booth (Op-Ed)

Rescuers need laws, policies, and government leaders to help us help animals. Photo: Yvette Holzbach and Sheri Burtch, Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward Project

In the United States, this is perhaps the most important day we’ll have for another four years— election day.  The outcomes of thousands of local and national races will determine a great deal about our future for decades or even centuries to come.

Most years in the past I’ve volunteered heavily for various campaigns. This year I voted, but as far as political volunteering goes, I’m sitting it out. Well not sitting exactly. You can’t sit for very long when you’re caring for a sick dog who was recently a parasite-infested bag of bones roaming the streets. I’m running myself ragged, actually.

Which is one reason why election day is important. We animal rescuers have it rough. We all run ourselves ragged.  We need people in government who get that.  Who understand that it’s not just about the animals. It’s about us too—all of us who care about animals. Read the rest of this entry »

New journalist Krissy Guzman becomes Animal Issues Reporter’s first intern

‘My mom Krissy Guzman is Animal Issues’s first intern!’ says Sparky.
Photo: Krissy Guzman

By AIR Editorial Team

Animal Issues Reporter (AIR) is delighted to introduce our very first intern, Krissy Guzman. Welcome Krissy!

How did we luck into meeting Krissy? Recently AIR asked contacts if they knew of anyone who might volunteer for us to cover a demonstration in Houston, Texas. A Walmart store there was going to be the target of  volunteers protesting the use of tightly-confining gestastion crates in high-volume pig farming. Read the rest of this entry »

In memory of ‘Forgotten Dog’ Daniel, let’s get animals on the agenda (Opinion)

Photo: Yvette Holzbach, Yvette Holzbach Photography

by Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

I rarely write news articles in the first person. To my mind, news is best delivered through traditional journalism, where reporters gather facts and viewpoints, present them accurately and fairly, and keep themselves strictly out of the way.

Tonight, because I can’t stop crying, and because I feel sick, I can’t keep myself out of it.

Daniel is gone. I never met him. I only wrote about him. But like hundreds of others following his story, I wanted him to make it.

Daniel is gone. So are billions of other Daniels, whose deaths were just as senseless.

Daniel is gone. And at this very moment millions more Daniels out there stagger along the same road, headed in the same direction.

I’m sick of it. I can barely stand it anymore. Sometimes I feel my head is going to explode. My heart already has. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Strong will to live’: Rescuers try new treatment for severely ill street dog Daniel

Daniel battles starvation, mange, and the involuntary jerking movements left behind after a bout with distemper.
Photo: Yvette Holzbach

By Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

It’s a wrenching decision. You live in a city where thousands of homeless animals struggle to survive the nightmare of the streets. You work hard, spending your own time and money, and sometimes risking your health, safety, and sanity to catch, nurse, and find homes for as many of the desperate creatures as you can. But some of them are in such bad shape—racked by disease and starvation—that the kindest thing you can offer is a painless death in a veterinarian’s office.

Kelle Mann Davis recently faced such a decision. Volunteers in her group , which cares for dogs and cats from one of the most deeply impoverished and crime-ridden areas of Houston, had found an extremely ill dog they named Daniel. Read the rest of this entry »

Puppy importer brings in ‘defective’ animals, then leaves them at vet’s to be killed, says rescuer

‘Defective’ merchandise: blind Jack Russell pups abandoned at vet’s to be killed. / Photo: Achaic Society for the Care of Animals

An individual who imports puppies—perhaps from Hungary where there are many high-volume dog breeders—recently took two Jack Russell terriers to a vet in western Greece to have them euthanized because they were blind, according to a local rescue group.

president Anastasia Aravantinou said she is now fostering the two pups until they find adopters.

Aravantinou explained more about the puppies and the circumstances of their abandonment in the following interview with Animal Issues Reporter (AIR). Read the rest of this entry »

Rescued Jack Russell pups don’t know they’re blind: Watch them play

Blind Jack Russell pups were dumped at vet’s to be euthanized.
Photo: Achaic Society for the Care of Animals

Although Anastasia Aravantinou works full-time in her job as Western Greece district manager for , she and other volunteers for manage to squeeze enough spare moments out of their busy lives to rescue, foster, and re-home some 200 animals per year from the teeming streets and surrounding rural areas of the port city of Patras, on the shores of the Ionian Sea.

In a visit to the group’s Facebook page, Animal Issues Reporter discovered Aravantinou’s impassioned account of ACSA’s recent rescue of two Jack Russell terrier puppies.

ACSA frequently fosters puppies, but there’s something just a little different about these two…

By Anastasia Aravantinou, Achaic Society for the Care of Animals (Opinion)

So, how did we end up with two blind Jack Russell puppies? Piou was the first one we rescued. He was abandoned at a veterinarian’s office to be put to sleep because he couldn’t see. Read the rest of this entry »

Successful Facebooking for animal adoptions: Dutch shelter gets creative

‘Benchwarmer’ Fred van Persie, successfully adopted thanks to the creative efforts of Animal Shelter Amsterdam. / Photo: Animal Shelter Amsterdam

Animal Issues is back! Chief editor’s fried laptop forced us into a 9-day hiatus, but now we’re up and at ‘em again, starting with this fun look at a Dutch animal shelter by AIR’s European correspondent Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck.

By Anneloes Wagenaar Hummelinck

Every other year, the streets here in Holland turn orange—our national color. Time for Holland to try to score the World Cup/European Cup in soccer. Although we’ve only won the European Cup once, sometime long ago in the seventies, we keep hoping each new year will be the year.

Every company knows that the Dutch go crazy over orange soccer goodies, so they all try to get in on the orange action and introduce an orange variety of something: orange milkshakes by McDonald’s, an orange shirt with your name on it from Heineken, orange dresses by Bavaria.

You might think that all this orange, soccer-related craziness only interests commercial companies trying to make a profit. Think again. This year the (ASA) took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on cats who have been in the shelter for a long, long time. And they did so creatively. Read the rest of this entry »

‘He will be loved’: Starved, nerve-damaged, mange-ravaged street dog fights for life in rescuers’ arms

Starving and alone on Houston’s inner city streets, Daniel managed to survive distemper, but the disease left him with severe neurological damage–jerking and twitching. When he tries to drink, water goes up his nose. When he tries to eat, his snout bangs against the bowl. Photo: Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward Project

By Katerina Lorenzatos Makris

“This is Daniel,” wrote Kelle Mann Davis in a Facebook post yesterday under the photo of a wretchedly emaciated, nearly bald young hound-shepherd mix.

“Shelly Smith and I came across him while out in the field last night,” she went on. “He is starved, almost to the point of death. But this boy has something I have never seen out there: severe, constant jerking of his head and body.” Read the rest of this entry »


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